Monday, November 19, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide for Homeschooled Pre-Teens & Teens

This holiday gift guide includes affiliate links for your convenience. 

Has the Spirit hit you yet??  We are slowly getting there...I will admit, it is getting harder and harder to shop for my kids as they grow up. I mean, I honestly love shopping for toys. It's so easy to find gift guides for young ones, so I figured why not consult with a few friends and get some really unique ideas for the Pre-Teen - Teenager range!

In this gift guide, you'll find a mix of boy and girl ideas and a wide range of price variations because not everyone plans the same way!  Shopping for older children often means spending more on fewer items. However, I've found some great gifts that can appease your budget if you are aiming for traditional gifts. 
If your son is like mine, he is highly motivated by electronics, so you'll find some techie ideas like the Coding Kit, Gaming Headphones, and Nintendo Switch!  For more outdoorsy boys, nature games, and walkie talkies! For the girls, I found the cutest bath bomb maker set, string art, color changing alarm clock, and color changing mugs! Have a few Harry Potter or Percy Jackson fans? Do you have a burgeoning chef?
 Yes, you'll find something for them too! 
Keep scrolling for the complete list!

Easily find what you're looking for by checking the categories below. 

Games & Crafts:

Uno Wilderness  (stocking stuffer)

Techie Gift Ideas:


Percy Jackson Bracelet (stocking stuffer)

Unicorn Wristband Bracelet (stocking stuffer)

Horse Charm Bracelet (stocking stuffer)

Horse Lover Hair Ties (stocking stuffer)


Click HERE for Other Great Gifts 

See the entire list of 70+ items by clicking the link or image --> 

Thank you for allowing me to share my ideas and I wish you a successful and happy shopping season! 


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