Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Our February Morning Basket with Shakespeare & St. Valentine

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What our February Basket Looked Like! 

It's the month of Romance, Non?  We can hardly think of February without a single thought of pink and red hearts, candy, teddy bears, and a literal explosion of Valentine's paraphernalia wherever we go. So how can we Educators get away from that typical vibe and celebrate the month with more meaning? 

Skipping the Pink Hearts & Conversation Candies 

First, let's look at the man responsible for countless Sonnets of love and Plays of love stories.  The William Shakespeare. Now I will admit, this was hard to wrap my head around when I was in school many years ago, but today we have so so many options for making Shakespeare fun for kids! Scroll down to see how we plan to add this man to our Morning Basket!

Second, St. Valentine himself.  It wouldn't be right to skip any mention of him. We often forget that our traditional holidays are always based on something much older, have a deep history, and are worthy of a yearly reminder. 
I've found a few resources about St. Valentine to add to your MB, but some might be better suited for older children while others are for younger children. 

In the event you are not keen on sharing resources with religious backgrounds, there are plenty of secular books for children about Valentine's Day at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. 

Morning Basket Contents

For our Reading: 


  • Romeo & Juliet (I'd opt for an older version)
  • William Shakespeare, Bard of Avon (I recommend checking your library for this)




Adding Fun: 

The Usborne Pop-Up Theater

Instagram: @wewouldratherbereading  

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