Tuesday, April 2, 2019

April Morning Basket ~ Spring Has Sprung!

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While the rest of America is figuring out what season it is, Arizona has finally settled on Spring. So we are taking advantage of the short lived season here and spending much needed time outside! 

This gorgeous weather has influenced a little gardening lesson. Now..first let me tell you...I have very low hope that anything will maintain here. Unless it's a succulent, it won't last. We've tried. 
Let's just say this lesson is a good refresher for us, gets our hands in the dirt (real dirt), and teaches the kids about seed germination and growth. That's enough for us until we find ourselves in a more fertile environment. 😊

April's Basket is a combination of Gardening and Easter. We are combining the two as part of a small Morning Basket. Peter Rabbit loved veggies and so do my kids. They just goes hand in hand. 
I was also inspired to make Vegetable Fact Cards, a Vegetable Anatomy Sheet, and Gardening Activity to just enhance the lesson and offer up a few more facts. Those are available in my etsy shop!

I do want to say, this basket is for a minimalist. I did NOT add Easter Basket fillers to it, because that is special and meant to be for Easter morning. 

Our Books this month include: Botanicum, It All Starts With a Seed (Usborne), The Usborne Book of Growing Food, The Ology, Tales of Peter Rabbit, Where is Easter Island?, Who Was Beatrix Potter? and Poetry Teatime Companion.

Our Games & Activities are Wildcraft Herbal Adventure Game, Bible Go Fish from the Classical Historian, Foodle Board Game, Planting Seeds in our garden, and doing some watercoloring! 

If you're looking for some more ideas, check out my

Grab these Free Spring & Garden Journaling Pages with Cutouts! You can create your own carrot banner like my picture above, and use the rabbits for play! 🙂
Just click on the image and they can be yours!

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