Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Studying the Amazon Rainforest

"The Amazonia is on fire! I read as I scrolled through Instagram.  Did I see this on the news? No.  I read this weeks ago before celebrities and news stations started sharing about the crazy big fire that is sweeping through the Amazon. Completely baffled why regular new sources weren't sharing this, I decided we need to study this magnificent forest now.  

I've been gathering information and books for the unit study the entire summer. I scoured the Internet for a detailed guide, coming up scarce, and decided to make this a piece together plan. 

Why is studying the rainforest so important?  The Amazon Rainforest is the largest forest in the world. It produces 20% of Earth's Oxygen. And it's on fire.  It's a protected habitat harboring thousands of creatures and organisms in its' unique ecosystem, some of which haven't even been identified yet.  Our planet is special.  Our countries often overlook natural disasters in other areas and only focus on earthly fixes in their own regions, but how can we expect future generations to fully embrace our planet without being taught the importance of large natural habitats no matter where they are?! 

To begin this study, we are using a Brazil guide from, Rainforest worksheets from, and The Rainforest guide from Love at Home Education. 

Here are the books we have chosen to use: 

The games and activities we are doing: 
This one is fairly small compared to what I usually put together, but we are planning to do some Apple Activities later in the month in celebration of Johnny Appleseed Day! 

Stay tuned for upcoming details on that! 

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