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       Getting started with homeschooling can be flat out overwhelming!! There are unlimited resources out there that can be enough to make you wish you could stick your head in the sand for a breather.  I don't need to do that...yet. ;)

      Here, I have created a few lists that can help any homeschooler (new or seasoned) get started with some of our favorites.  They aren't complete lists of everything under the sun, but helpful and a great way to get started! 

Included here: 

  • Curriculum 
  • Online Educational Stores
  • Bookstores 
  • Printable Resource Pages
  • Facebook Groups
  • Legal 
  • Digital Resources 
  • Homeschooling in Arizona 

Christian Based Curriculum List by Subject/Type: 

Christian-based Boxed Curriculum:

Christian-Based Science Curriculum

Christian-Based History/Geography Curriculum

Christian-Based Math Curriculum

Christian-Based English/Spelling Curriculum

Christian-Based Art/Music Curriculum

**This is not a complete list. You can always search Rainbow Resource or visit sources by homeschool families shown below for more options!**

Secular Curriculum List:
Secular Curriculum

Facebook Groups:

  • Military Homeschoolers Group
  • Homeschooling High School No Matter Where the Military Sends You
  • Homeschooling 101 Community
  • Fun schooling Middle/High Schoolers with Thinking Tree
  • Fun-Schooling with Thinking Tree Books
  • The Morning Basket Group
  • Homeschool Curriculum Marketplace (Buy & Sell) Hip Homeschool Moms Community
  • Homeschooling Happy
  • Christian Families Homeschool
  • Real Life Homeschool Spaces
  • Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool (free curriculum) Homeschool Curriculum 101
  • The Homeschool Help Desk for Beginners
  • Rock Your Homeschool
  • Thrifty Homeschoolers
  • Homeschooling High School No Matter Where the Military Sends You (6th-12th, Military Only)
  • Military Families Homeschool
  • The Relaxed Homeschool Community Page
  • Happy Planner Homeschool Group
  • Homeschool Curriculum Sell/Exchange Homeschool Storage & Organization Drew’s Art Box Community

Homeschooling Legal Backup (for all 50 states)

Digital Resources:
These gems are by other homeschool families!

Homeschooling in Arizona 

Get started homeschooling in this state by visiting 

Arizona Facebook Groups
AFHE Homeschool Arizona 
Arizona Homeschool Chapter
Arizona Christian Homeschoolers
Arizona ESA Networking 
Arizona ESA Families (must be an ESA recipient to join)

Tucson Specific:
Homeschoolers on Davis-Monthan 
Tucson Homeschool Hub 
Tucson ESA Families (must be an ESA recipient to join)
Prickly Pear Homeschoolers
Southwest Tucson Homeschoolers
Tucson Hip Homeschool Mamas
Tucson Area Christian Homeschoolers 
STEM Opportunities for Arizona Homeschoolers

AZ Homeschool Field Trips

Homeschooling in Georgia 

Get Started with Homeschooling in Georgia by visiting

Georgia Home Education Association:

Facebook Groups
Georgia Homeschooling Group
Georgia Homeschool Network
South Georgia Homeschoolers
Greater Valdosta Homeschoolers (part of a Co-Op)
Moody AFB Homeschooling Families 

Lists Created by Kira R. Keller, not sponsored by any company listed. These are just references found within our own community and online.  

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