Saturday, October 6, 2018

Essentials For Your Morning Basket

Morning Time is a hot topic right now in the homeschool community. People all over social media  are sharing their schedules, book lists, and other fun ideas and with good reason! Morning time is a great way to start your school days with your kids.  It gives you a way to connect with them and I believe it allows them to slowly wake up before jumping into math. Much like a gentle stretch would prepare you for exercise, morning time carefully stretches our brain with enjoyable activities. 

(You can see our morning time schedule here.) 

1. A Variety of Books 
Morning BasketI love combining beautiful picture books and a couple of read aloud chapter books to go with a theme or holiday. Reading together is an important part of homeschool because we can all get through a book at the same time! We have fun exploring new books and learning a thing or two! For our reading book list, visit the Morning basket tab. 

                                                  2. Journals 
One of the kids' favorite things to do while they listen to me read or an audio book (a sore throat saver), is journaling! We discovered the Thinking Tree Journals not too long ago and fell in love.  There is a lot of coloring that can be done here. ;)  We also use Nature journals for our end of the week research!! I just grabbed two from Twig & Moth for my older kids and the youngest is using this one

3. Art Supplies
My kids prefer good ole markers or colored pencils, but the sky is the limit here!! Maybe you could add in watercolors, oil pastels, or charcoals and have your kids do a themed project!  We sometimes finish out our week with a Chalk Pastel video (I save this for after other work is done because it's messy).

4. Memory Work & Prayer
We add a verse of memory work and recite it daily as well as open with a prayer or hymn. I feel this gives us a bright and positive start to our day and enforces our virtues. The kids get a bit competitive when it comes to reciting by memory and they feel a sense of accomplishment for getting it memorized. If you aren't religious, you can always supplement this with Virtue Cards or another character development item

5. Hands on Activity
This is my favorite part of creating a basket. Honestly the whole basket is fun, but this adds pizzazz to our weeks. We like to add games (most the kids have never seen before), Mad Libs, or some Safari Toob characters and kinetic sand. Really, you can add whatever you want depending on the ages of your kids.  Having been a preschool teacher before, I know how hard it is to keep a child's attention on one thing, so I always try to have multiple things out for the kids to touch and work on. 
Morning Time

This is joy we share with you. It's so nice to start our days with fun and reading! You can see our morning routine here and later I will be sharing our curriculum choices for each child! 

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Morning Basket


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