Saturday, October 6, 2018

Our Morning Time Schedule

Morning Time Schedule
I have to start off being a hundred percent transparent...We DO NOT start our Morning Time at any specific time.  There are some days, we just need to get up when our bodies are ready and not by 6:30 every morning. If we aren't going anywhere, then why rush? 
Our Morning Time begins when all the kiddo's come down, eat breakfast, and feed the starving animals (especially the cat...she tries to beg for second breakfast frequently).  Once the necessities are taken care of, we get nice and comfy on the couches with blankets, coffee for mom, and have our journals/bibles handy. 

Monday:Prayer, Journal, Memory Work, Poetry, Picture Book, & Chapter Book
Tuesday:Prayer, Journal, Memory Work, Music Appreciation, Picture Book, & Chapter Book
Wednesday:Prayer, Journal, Memory Work, Picture Study, Picture Book, & Chapter Book
Thursday:Prayer, Journal, Memory Work, Poetry, Art, Picture Book, & Chapter Book
Friday:Prayer, Journal, Memory Work, Nature Journal, Picture Book, & Chapter Book

I found Pam Barnhill's website a while ago and loved the way she created her morning time plans. For me, the format spoke to me, so I created my own. Since I have older children, I don't need a lot of the younger themes or sources, so I have to adapt- Which is totally okay. Homeschool is CUSTOMIZABLE!!!  

Here is a sample of what our morning plans look like right now. 
Some great places for Music are, Squilt Music, and Masterpiece Society.  Art Study prints can come from anywhere. We've used the Usborne Cards, Exploring Nature with Children, and Charlotte Mason prints. For Nature Studies, there are endless sites to find. If you're just starting out, try! 

We start our plans each day and go from top to bottom. When we finish up a chapter or two of our Read Aloud Chapter Book, then I give them a few minutes to grab a drink and head into the school room. Then we begin our regular day! 

Some people suggest planning loosely because life happens. So there it is.. our morning time schedule! Hopefully this inspires you too!!

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