Wednesday, October 10, 2018

November Morning Basket Planning

November Books, Morning Basket, Thanksgiving

If you're like me, you love to get a head start...sometimes weeks in advance. Honestly I've had most of my November Morning Basket put together for a while, but I keep finding things to add. I'm going to share the fun books & things we have as well as some great additions! Be warned...there are MANY books. 

The Book List
Every MB has a healthy selection of books. Here is an extensive list to choose from. add the toppings.. 
(yes, I am already thinking about my Thanksgiving plate)

Don't feel like you need them all. It can definitely be a small investment. Consider shopping at your local used book store,, or checking them out at the library! 
Even when searching for the 'toppings', I always like to be thrifty. This list idea is INSPIRATION FRIEND!!  

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Stay in touch for the December Morning Basket Resource List! 


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  1. Thanks for this awesome list of morning basket books. It's great to get good advice from experienced homeschooling veterans!


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