Monday, September 17, 2018

Putting together our October Basket

        I absolutely love the season of Autumn.  However, growing up in Florida, and now living in Arizona, we don’t really get to experience this season for long.  It usually doesn’t show itself until late November and lasts through February, sometimes completely skipping winter…like last year.  My heart cried out when it realized we would not even get a bit of snow.  

So we celebrate this wonderful season through books, food, decorations, warm & spicy scented aromas and fun crafts.  It’s almost enough to pacify…at least I keep telling myself that. 

When we started planning for morning baskets, it was not a very organized thought..just an “I need all the things” mentality…which wasn’t so bank account friendly.  I had to slow down.  I broke my favorite topics up into groups and wrote down things we wanted to add.  As Halloween lovers anyway, we had quite a few books to get started with…but, I needed more.  So onto Thrift Books I went searching for a few new stories.  Now that all of our October books are picked out, I’m happy to show you what we have!  I’m sure a library somewhere would have most of these if that is your preferred way to gather books (I’m just on a mission to build a mini library). 

Along with this collection of books, we plan to add a couple new games: Potions and Cauldron Quest, (you can find those by clicking the links) some mad libs and Fantasia Story Cubes ! 

If you have any questions, please comment or email me! I’m happy to help you! 


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