Friday, January 11, 2019

The January Morning Basket

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"I'm Late, I'm Late" said the White Rabbit.  The January Morning Basket post is here! I know we are a quarter of the way in, but life happens. I'm not one of those scheduled bloggers that has material written in advance to post automatically...I'm just a real mom, with real time management struggles. 

I had really put a couple months into planning this basket and it wasn't super easy. Crossing off books that still had a Christmas theme took some time and I don't essentially follow one specific morning plan. With older kids, I'm adapting our reading material to work with everyone. It was also some effort to find specific winter games (not a popular them among games apparently). 

So if you're new to Morning Baskets, and curious what's in them, check out my Morning Basket link here. For the most part, every basket has the same essential items for us such as books, music, art, games, and memory work. However, we change up our memory work, we change the games, we change the music, and most importantly, we change the THEME!  

For January, I chose a Winter Theme. Unfortunately we live in a desert environment where the cool seasons are short lived or skipped altogether. This year, we were lucky enough to see some snow around us for a few days, and making the most of that cozy winter feeling seemed like the best plan! 


To start, we loosely follow Pam Barnhill's Morning Time Plans, Winter.  Since this is the first time I've picked up the book How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare, we are obviously starting from the beginning and not Chapter 3 or 5.  Secondly, as mentioned above, the books are adjusted for my own children's age levels. Thirdly, we chose to start with Squilt Musics' Baroque Era for our study. (We really do love Squilt Music) The links to these resources are scattered throughout the blog, but if you're specifically looking for something, my email is posted below!


Frozen Wild 
Whale Snow
Sugar White Snow & Evergreens
Snowflake Bentley 
Snowflakes in Photographs
Storm Run 

The Story of Snow
Cold Snap
Snowy Owls
A Snowy Owl Story (board book)
Squirrels New Year's Resolution 
A Warm Winter Tail 
The Tomten & The Fox 

Once Upon a Snowstorm 
Big Tracks, Little Tracks
The Biggest Snowman Ever

True Stories of Polar Adventures
Snow Treasure
The Long Winter 

Winter of the Ice Wizard
Blizzard of the Blue Moon
Polar Bear Patrol
Penguin Puzzle 

More book ideas in my Winter Basket Idea list, link below. 


Yeti, Set Go!               Snowball Fight                Igloo Mania

Art offers a great selection of Winter art lessons! 

We love these Derwent Pastel Pencils (especially if you don't like getting messy)! You can easily blend with q-tips. 
This Pastel Pad has a great texture for oil pastels and chalk pastels! 

These materials reflect our current use of Chalk Pastel Art lessons. We also have a full art lesson each week with various methods and techniques. Depending on the age of your child, you may or may not need additional lessons. 

For My Complete Winter Basket Idea List, Visit HERE. You will find ideas great for February too! 

Questions, Comments, Links to Resources...whatever you need, I'd love to help! Please comment on on this post or message me here: 

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