Sunday, April 5, 2020

New Chapter, New Place

Our family just wrapped up 4 adventure filled years in Arizona. We had a lot of opportunities and experiences to grow on. My heart has grown to love new people, new places, and appreciating this homeschool life even more! The desert unfortunately was just too far away from all of our family, and we decided to do our best to get back to them! 

 On to a New Chapter!

We arrived at our new home in Georgia, just in time to enjoy Spring weather! We traded a tiny 15ft foot dirt backyard, for a 1.6 acre parcel of grass and trees! Yay! Our dog is happy, the kids are happy, and we have finally unpacked almost every single remaining box. Whew! 

Have you ever experienced a move so "all consuming" that you couldn't even think about doing normal things?? 

Thats kind of how it's been for us. Thankfully, we have been given some time at home to work on projects and settle in. It's been a true blessing! We have even taken bike rides and nature hikes to explore all of the wonderful nature around us!

One of my biggest goals was to get our homeschool room done first. It was a challenge because we had to paint and unpack the bazillion boxes of homeschool materials. I'm not a minimalist at all (and never claim to be lol). So now, our new homeschool space is also all set up and ready to go! 
Shown with our March theme & Unit Study.
Several weeks in and the kids are loving it here. We look forward to sharing more soon! 

In the following posts, I'll be sharing some awesome homeschool tips and new Unit Studies! 

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