Monday, July 6, 2020

Summer Strewing


 It's the Summer break and we are all doing our best to stay home. This pandemic has everyone going a little stir crazy.  While the kids can play with Lego, Watch TV, Read, Play outside... they still need to explore something new. So I decided to grab up some books on topics that they are interested in and lay them out. There isn't a lesson plan or required anything. Just simple Strewing.  

Here are some of the Strewing tables I set up. The kids are always in and out of this room anyway, so it's a great place to put out interests! 

We started off the Summer looking at genetics. The kids were very curious about Punnett Squares and Traits. It was a fun little unit with a super cool DNA lava project. 

When your son wants to try Blacksmithing.... I honestly don't know if this will go anywhere, but at least he can read about it!

June was full of Star Wars Movie Marathons. Even though a few of us have seen the movies multiple times, we still have questions. I found some super fun books and games to go with that. 

My son was also interested in Sailing. He wanted to know about sailing boats and maps..of course that's a different type of map, so we found a few book varieties. 

My middle child is currently obsessed with Wolves and Canada. I gathered some books on both and created her section. She is heart set on traveling there one day. 

I absolutely love the 4th of July! We decided to listen to some Rush Revere while cleaning out the school room and have all of these great books out for browsing. I'm sure some will reappear during time period studies. 

I think to finish out the summer, we will be strewing some Rocks & Gems, and Bugs! 

You can find most of these pictured resources from Amazon, Thriftbooks, and Simply Fun Games!

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